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Annie Howard

Journalist | Historian | Urbanist

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Post-marriage equality, disparities persist in the LGBTQ community: Chicago Reader

In the Covid era, the relationship between cities and megadevelopments makes even less sense

For CityMetric, I examined multibillion-dollar development proposals in Toronto and Chicago, asking the question: as cities face acute financial consequences due to Covid-19, why should they be supporting such large-scale developments?

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Alone, Together: What It Means Now to Inhabit The Lonely City

For Common Edge, I used Olivia Laing's The Lonely City to ask what it means for millions of people to inhabit loneliness together while in quarantine, and to explore the ways in which we may return from loneliness once the pandemic has passed.

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Feeling Myself

For Nearness Project, I wrote about livestream concerts, feeling embodied at shows, and why I needed to transition in able to most enjoy seeing live music.

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Native American routes: the ancient trails hidden in Chicago’s grid system

For the Guardian, I wrote about the buried legacy of Chicago's indigenous trails, and how they helped to create the grid system which now exists throughout the city.

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Fifty years ago, 35,000 Chicago students walked out of their classrooms in protest. They changed CPS forever. 

For Chicago Reader, I wrote about high school walkouts in Chicago in 1968, when tens of thousands of Black and Latino students took control of their educational futures.

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Please, My Digital Archive. It's Very Sick

For Lapham's Quarterly, I wrote a deep-dive into the ways in which digital history remains incredibly fragile, and the challenges facing archivists hoping to maintain internet ephemera to remain accessible for future historians.

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